Our cookies policies

The JOINTECH company, on this platform, uses cookies, that are small text files, which are used for the efficient operation of the platform, likewise, these small files are stored on the user’s computer and allow recognition, without the need for use personal data to identify you. Within the basic functions of the use of cookies within the platform, we find:
  • Register the user’s personal data.
  • Keep control of the users on the platform.
  • Navigation and access to secure areas within the platform.
  • Track visitors within the platform.
  • Show relevant and attractive ads to the user.
  The cookies on this platform are used to personalize content and ads, as well as provide a platform where our users can navigate efficiently and safely. Among the cookies used on our platform, you will find the following:
  • Necessary cookies: they are used for efficient and correct navigation within the platform, since the moment a user logs in to our platform, they recognize it.
  • Analytical cookies: collect data on the user’s activity within the platform, to guarantee a better service.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: store information on user behavior according to the browsing history within our platform, to develop a user profile and thus be able to display advertising and content according to the user’s history.
  The user can decide between accepting or denying the use of cookies, that is, deciding to have the cookies that are used on our platform installed on their computer. One way in which you can avoid using cookies on our platform can be by browsing in incognito or private mode, in which cookies are deleted from your computer when you close the navigation. The only thing that will cause denying the use of cookies on your computer, will be that your browsing on our platform may be slower or experience an error. In addition to this, within the platform, we will share information about our policies, as well as the comprehensive privacy notice. If you wish to delete cookies from your browser, you can consult the following links according to the browser you use:

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